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    ...Fresh fruit and vegetables, produced on our farm respecting organic farming regulations and harvested when fully ripe, then transformed by artisans renowned for their know-how, to ensure their conservation and that they can be enjoyed throughout the year. We have a wide selection of juices and fruit nectars, as well as some true delights (pear compote with no added sugar, simply naturally very sweet, cherry and apricot jam with 70g fruit for 100g of jam, honey), vegetable soups prepared in collaboration with a well-known Chef, and our beers: The Pilgrim’s Beer, both lager and amber.

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    1. Cream of field-grown Tomato soup

      Cream of field-grown Tomato soup

      Our cream of tomato soup contains almost 70% of ripe field-grown tomatoes and 20% of other vegetables, which gives it an exquisite taste.

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    2. Apple juice

      Apple juice

      100% pure unfiltered juice with a strong fruity taste. (Certified organic in 2013) 
      Ingredients: 100% Apple juice.
      Available in packs of 6 x 75cl bottles or individually; also available in larger quantities in “bag-in-box” cartons of 3, 5, or 10 litres (please ask us for the tariff). 

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    3. The Pilgrim’s Beer Lager

      The Pilgrim’s Beer Lager

      Beer amateurs will love our “Belgian-style” lagers which have been certified organic: full-bodied, rich, but not bitter. It is 6,5° and enjoyable to drink.
      It is available in 33 cl bottles, individually or packed in boxes of 24 bottles, or in barrels of 30 litres.

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